Scientific Name: Lithobates catesbeianus

external image bullfrog-on-log.jpg
Where is the invasive species native to (What country)
North America.

How did it reach North America and Oregon:
Accidentally introduced during trout stockings; also introduced through the aquarium trade and for sport and pest control
Year It was first reported in Oregon:
Early 1900's
Why it is Invasive:
Competes with and preys on native species
Natural History: (You need to do six of these topics)

  • Biology of organism: (physical characteristics) Bullfrogs are typically green or gray-brown with brown spots
  • Habitat: (Where it is able to live) Water
  • Life cycle (Incude Image)external image frog_life_cycle_color.jpg

Diet: (If Applicable)
Bullfrogs are opportunistic, ambush predators that prey on any small animal they can overpower and shove down their throats.
How does it reproduce?
Male and Female sexual activity
Two or More Interesting Facts:
Male to Male combat for a Female, and have mating calls different than their croaks
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