Common Name: American coot

Scientific Name:

Fulica americana

Name Origin/ Meaning:

: a type of black and gray bird that lives on or near the water

Bird Family:


Adult Size:

The American coot measures 34–43 cm (13–17 in) in length and 58–71 cm (23–28 in) across the wings. Adults have a short, thick, white bill and white frontal shield, which usually has a reddish-brown spot near the top of the bill between the eyes. Males and females look alike, but females are smaller. Body mass in females ranges from 427 to 628 g (0.941 to 1.385 lb) and in males from 576 to 848 g (1.270 to 1.870 lb).[12[[|]]][13[[|]]][14[[|]]] Juvenile birds have olive-brown crowns and a gray body. They become adult-colored around 4 months of age.[4[[|]]]

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