Common Name:

American Robin

Scientific Name:

Turdus Migratorious

Name Origin/ Meaning:

It means thrush and migrated bird, thrush means small plump and finds food on the ground.

Bird Family:


Adult Size:

20-28 cm long
31-40 wingspan

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  • Breeding:

external image american-robin-id.gif

  • Male Non breeding:

external image Turdus-migratorius-002.jpg

  • Female

external image 2008-04-03-181043.jpg

Calls: (Description and audio file)
merican Robins often make a mumbled cuck or tuk to communicate with each other or a sharp yeep or peek as an alarm call. They also make a repeated chirr that rises in volume and can sound like a laugh or chuckle.

Life Expectancy:

Average is 6 years old and the longest bird to live up to 14 years

Identifying Characteristics:

Big orange breast small feet and smooth black back and the varied thrush has a dark blue gray back. unlike eastern and spotted towhees the american robin has a long narrow bill not a short thick bill.

‍Distinguishing Characteristics:

Females have a paler heads and the contract of gray back is different as well

Migration Route,Timeline, and Range:


Seasons(s) species resides in the Mingus Park Forest:

all year round

‍Habitat Description:

habitats include gardens, parks, yards, fields, pastures, tundra, woodlands, pine forests and shrub lands, on the lawns you can find them bounding on the lawn going from one side to the other, at The park you can find them eating berries or bounding around looking at its environment with its beak pointed up.During winter you can listen to its low chuckling sound to find them and they will mostly be found near a fruiting tree.

Nesting Location:

On branches mostly on the lower side of the tree were its hidden in the ground in a hole to be well and safe or on a cliff were it cant be reach by predators also on gutters if it comes down to it.

‍Nest/ Egg Description:‍

The avarage clutch is 3-5 eggs
2.8 cm - 3 cm how big its length is
the eggs width is 2.1 cm
their colored sky blue or blue green they stay in the egg for 12-14 days and its nesting period is 13 days

She uses grass and sticks to make a cup-shaped and puts mud around it to make it more stable

Social Behavior: (solitary, gregarious, etc.)

‍stay together during night and winter to feed on food and capture more food during day and in the summer they are mostly alone because they are fighting for space food and mates‍. The young ones migrate during the seasons to find their on habitat and mate


earthworms beetle grubs, caterpillar and Grasshopper cultivated fruits and berries

Interesting acts:

when they eat honey combs they become intoxicated
only 40%of all nest produce young baby chicks
only half of all the American robins survive one year


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